Noah Taher - shooting in the film & video industry. My LUTs available now! Instagram @noahrtaher.

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Results on Set - BTS to Final Shot

Achieving visual excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s a standard. A combination of high-tech experience in camera & lighting - combined with a tuned approach at accomplishing the goals of clients, ntStudios always delivers something not only effective but also beautiful.

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Planning & Executing - Collaborative Production

ntStudios will provide professional collaboration tools in each phase of production. From phone calls & planning, to days on set, to post production editing - every client is involved in our process to prepare & execute projects efficiently.

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your goals + our execution = results

Based in OC + LA California. Willing to travel.
Send us a message to start our process, or reach out to hire me onto your project as a Director, DP, or Producer.

1. Our first conversations will help us understand the needs you have for anything video or photo.

2. ntStudios will provide multiple case scenarios to accomplish your production goals.

3. We can source locations, talent, and every member of a team necessary to execute your production.

4. On the day of production we’re aiming for preparedness, professionality, and flexibility.

5. After production - you’re involved as we backup, edit, and collaborate on completion of the project.

ntStudios: production by noah taher

Who is Noah as a producer?
As a producer, the mission is to watch over the project and ensure that it actually happens. Locking in budgets, team members, talent, locations, permits, and anything that might come up during any phase of production.
ntStudios will always make sure to guide a client through as much pre-production as necessary to make sure that when we shoot our project: it’s planned, prepared, safe, efficient, and successful.

Who is Noah as a Director?
As a director, the mission is to translate to the audience, the mission of the client. The story. The visual. The edit pace. The visual choices. Everything should point back to strengthening the level of understanding to the target audience. On top of that, I'll be directing talent & doing my best to lead & pull the best out of every person on set.

Who is Noah as a Director of Photography?
As a director of photography, the mission is to provide excellence in camera & lighting. Not only applying knowledge but also using creative intuition to keep things interesting & eye catching.

Currently shooting on RED Komodo & Sony A7S III

View my more of best work & BTS on Vimeo & Instagram